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Basement Waterproofing Ann Arbor.

Basement waterproofing & foundation repair experts in Ann Arbor, MI

Cinder Blocks stacked on top of eachother

Omega Construction is the basement and masonry company to call for all your foundation leaks and wall repairs. Please see the list of our services below: 

  • Basement waterproofing

  • Concrete foundation repair

  • Cracked basement wall repair

  • Bowed basement wall repair

  • Retaining wall repair

  • Call us today to learn about additional services!

A wet basement is an open door to mildew and mold, rotting wood, insect problems, damage, electrical and wiring concerns, soaked insulation, and health problems. Cosmetic issues such as damaged furniture, ruined carpeting and appliances, and stained walls are also a concern. Water problems in your basement diminish your home's value by as much as 25%. Thankfully, you can avoid these water issues when you invest in the right Ann Arbor basement waterproofing from the professionals at Omega Construction. 


Failure to stop a water problem at the onset can lead to costly home repairs and much larger long-term issues such as mold growth and heavy insect infestation. Fixing your basement's water problem with waterproofing or repairing your home's foundation should be a high priority for any homeowner. Here at Omega Construction, we have the tools, knowledge, and years of experience to handle all Ann Arbor, MI, foundation and basement repairs. Water damage will be a thing of the past when you work with us. 

Bowed Walls and Old Basement Walls Repaired with Expert Masonry
Our company combines three generations of experience with some of the best technology, systems, and materials on the market today to give you peace of mind and a quality job. Whether it's a moisture issue, a failed foundation, or drainage problems we can provide you with a solution that will fit your budget. We can do repairs inside or out and stop that water from ruining your greatest investment, your home.
 When you need Ann Arbor basement or foundation waterproofing, let the professionals at Omega Construction help.


We proudly serve Washtenaw County and are verified foundation contractors. To learn more please visit our Home Advisor account at Verified Foundation Contractors in Ann_Arbor

During and after photos of a foundation rebuild
Ron/Marquis and their crew built a 112 foot retaining wall of cement and cement block along the side of my property. We thought it would be straight forward but they ran into ground water at 4 feet below grade. I was beside myself but Ron/Marquis and crew took the situation in stride. They not only knew how to overcome this problem with construction techniques but also engineering knowhow. It turned out to take twice as long to complete. However, the wall turned out to be better than I expected. I am very satisfied with the work. I would have them work for me again. Barbara A.
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