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Our guarantees are the best in the business!

Had a great experience with Omega. We had a few spots where an old addition was leaking water, and Al came out and gave a thorough inspection. We had a flat garage roof replaced, but they also fixed a "laundry list" of various odd jobs to seal up the house and prevent water damage at another spot where the wood was getting soaked. Very happy with the quick work they did and our house is definitely better off. Glad they were so thorough and did not just address one aspect of the problem.
Sean S.
Professionals roofing a home

Roof Repairs

As unpleasant as it might seem, no roof lasts forever. Every roof needs general maintenance from time to time. No roof is immune to time and the elements. Your roof is one of the most important part of your home providing you with shelter from the elements and helps to regulate the inside temperature of your home. Selecting the right roofing and venting for your climate will go a long way to provide you with a long-lasting and beautiful home and add to the value of your property.

Your roof will absorb more punishment than any other part of your home. Timely repairs, proper ventilation, adequate insulation, and stoppage of any leaks or damage will keep you from costly repairs in the future. Call one of our experienced, trained, professionals today to discuss ways to maintain your home, alleviate problems, and make sure your home remains your most valuable asset and safe haven.

We offer:​

  • Storm damage repair - wind, ice & snow

  • Multiple brands like CertainTeed and various colors of shingles to provide you with just the job you had in mind. 

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