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Winter Warnings: The Impact of Ice Dams on Your Home

Updated: Apr 8

Winter Warnings: The Impact of Ice Dams on Your Home

Winter is a fun time of year, but the second the cold, snow, and ice start seeping into your home, that fun disappears. In its place, you’ll find a lot of stress, but you can combat the dangers of winter, namely ice dams.

Ice dams have a big impact on your home, and it’s good to be aware of warnings this winter so you can protect your home.

What Is an Ice Dam?

Ice dams form when the upper portions of a roof are warm enough to cause snow on the roof to melt, but the lower portions of the roof are still cold enough for the melted snow to freeze again. This cycle creates a barrier that traps any additional melting snow and prevents it from draining properly. Accumulated ice and snow on the roof prevent snowmelt from draining. This barrier can lead to water leaking into your home and damaging walls, ceilings, insulation, and furniture.

The Impact of Ice Dams

The presence of ice dams on your roof can lead to serious aesthetic and structural damage in your home. For example, the growth of mold can pose health risks and require costly remediation. Additionally, the weight of the ice dams can exert stress on your roof, potentially leading to sagging or even collapse. You must address ice dams promptly to maintain the integrity of your home and prevent damage.

How To Prevent Ice Dams

The most effective approach to preventing ice dams from forming is to address the underlying causes—improper attic insulation and ventilation. With the right insulation and ventilation, you can keep your roof at a consistent temperature and reduce the chance of ice dams forming. Additionally, keep your roof clear of snow accumulation to minimize the chances of ice dams forming.

What To Do if Your Roof Has Ice Dams

If you notice ice dams on your roof, it’s crucial to address them promptly to prevent further complications. You can remove them yourself, but you’re better off bringing in a professional roofer who has the skills and equipment to do it safely. They can also assess damage and provide expert recommendations for repairs and preventive measures.

As a homeowner, it’s important to heed these winter warnings and learn about the impact of ice dams on your home. With this knowledge, you can prevent these ice dams from causing damage. The best way to combat ice dams is to work with trustworthy Ann Arbor masonry contractors, Omega Construction. We can help you stay warm this winter season.

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